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Chat & Chew FAQ'S

Below are frequently asked questions about our Chat & Chew program. If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us.

Chat & Chew FAQ'S

1) What do speakers talk about? The format of our program is informal and simple. Speakers start with answers to 2 basic questions. What do you do? How did you get there? The young people engage from there. But if you're still a little stuck, program directors provide questions in the "question bowl" to help spark more conversation. 

2) Do invited speakers need to pay anything? No, invited guest speakers meals are free of charge. Donations to the organization are always welcomed.

3) How will I know if I'm an invited speaker? You will receive an e-mail from

4) Are invited speakers compensated? No, This is a volunteer activity and invited speakers do not receive monetary compensation. Invited speakers are thanked by name on the Marion Lawrence Foundation website and other promotional materials.

5) Where will the Chat & Chew be located? Our Chat & Chews are usually in a different location every time. In your speaker invitation, the date/time and location of Chat & Chew will be provided.

6) What is a Chat & Chew exactly? Chat & Chew's are most similar to Career Day. The difference is participants and invited speakers are hand selected for the group/ organization. Invited guests are paired with a small group of participants creating a more comfortable and engaging environment for youth to ask direct questions of practicing professionals. All done over a delicious meal.

7) How long is a Chat & Chew? The length of the program can vary but is usually about 2 hours long.

8) How Do I request a Chat & Chew for my School, Group or Organization? Go to and fill out the "Host A Chat & Chew" Form found under "Programs".

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